What does blooming mean?

blooming meaning in General Dictionary

starting in flowers flowering

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  • the entire process of making blooms through the ore or from cast-iron
  • casual intensifiers
  • the organic means of bearing plants
  • of Bloom
  • The process of making blooms from ore or from cast metal.
  • Opening in flowers; flowering.
  • Thriving in wellness, beauty, and vitality; indicating the freshness and beauties of childhood or wellness.

blooming meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., present participle adjective from bloom (v.). Meaning "full-blown" (frequently a euphemism for bloody) is attested from 1882.

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blooming meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Bloom

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  • (letter.) The process of making blooms from the ore or from cast-iron.
  • (a.) Opening in blossoms; flowering.
  • (a.) Thriving in health, beauty, and vigor; indicating the quality and beauties of youth or health.

Sentence Examples with the word blooming

As garden plants the Phyllocacti are amongst the most ornamental of the whole family, being of easy culture, free blooming and remarkably showy, the colour of the flowers ranging from rich crimson, through rosepink to creamy white.

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