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title: BlooffamuDiet: lettuce, Red BullAllergies: lettuceColour: RainbowBlood: Gold (ichor, bloodstream associated with gods)Size: Emu with a sizable headPlace of Origin: south usa Easter IslandBirthdate: summer of 1997Population: 1Facts: -has neck pains due to immensely large head -can only say Bloop given that it had been the first thing it heard-the basis for which as it was born moments following the infamous ‘BLOOP’ was emitted near the Easter Island-also result in the noise “Blurp” when turning its tongue sideways -at beginning, the mother emu exploded (using guidelines of physics)-the buffalo dad ended up being suspected to have abandoned the mother in shame he mated with a bird -it sucks up cans of Red Bull frequently to cultivate wings-it’s mind is extremely droopy and challenging raise, to ensure that’s the reason why there’s a couple of wings of its check out help it -it headbutts items to knock all of them down -it had been found rapidly, because it travelled around to other countries saying bloop-although it eats lettuce, < the lettuce is known as Romaine Hearts it really is sensitive to it---scientists aren't certain how it stays live, and plans on removing blooffamu alleles to help individuals build a resistance against allergies