What does bloodthirsty mean?

bloodthirsty meaning in General Dictionary

desperate to drop bloodstream harsh sanguinary murderous having a bloodlust

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  • marked by eagerness to turn to violence and bloodshed
  • Eager to shed bloodstream; cruel; sanguinary; murderous.

bloodthirsty meaning in Etymology Dictionary

also blood-thirsty, 1530s (Coverdale, Ps. xxv:9), from blood (n.) + dehydrated (adj.). Ancient greek language had an identical image in haimodipsos. Related: Bloodthirstiness.

bloodthirsty meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Eager to shed bloodstream; harsh; sanguinary; murderous.

Sentence Examples with the word bloodthirsty

At these times she is wanton and extravagant in her cruelty, killing apparently for the gratification of her ferocious and bloodthirsty nature, and perhaps to excite and instruct the young ones, and it is not until they are thoroughly capable of killing their own food that she separates from them.

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