What does bloodroot mean?

bloodroot meaning in General Dictionary

A plant Sanguinaria Canadensis with a purple root and purple sap and bearing a fairly white-flower during the early springtime called additionally puccoon redroot bloodwort tetterwort turmeric and Indian paint It has acrid emetic properties in addition to rootstock is employed as a stimulant expectorant See Sanguinaria

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  • perennial woodland native of the united states having a purple root and purple sap and bearing a solitary lobed leaf and white-flower in early springtime and achieving acrid emetic properties; rootstock made use of as a stimulant and expectorant
  • A plant (Sanguinaria Canadensis), with a red root and red sap, and bearing a pretty, white flower during the early springtime; -- known as in addition puccoon, redroot, bloodwort, tetterwort, turmeric, and Indian paint. It offers acrid emetic properties, and the rootstock can be used as a stimulant expectorant. See Sanguinaria.