What does blonde widow mean?

blonde widow meaning in Urban Dictionary

A attractive girl who can never ever get a night out together because she has a reputation for unintentionally putting the woman times inside hosiptal and/or morgue. This type of woman has an uncanny means of always literally damaging the woman times on accident to the stage they could need to go to the hospital. May also be known as an brunette widow or any hair color additionally the term widow by the end.WARNING! when encoutering this sort of girl she is easy to approach and you will be completely from the league but she will agree to go out with you anyhow. This can be a ploy to entice you in while your on a romantic date together and get you off your shield because she can perform one or any combination of the following unintentionally:1. Accidentally stab you while tryng to cut an apple.2. set you in fire while trying to light the grill.3.Shoot a gun while somehow intending within the exact contrary course of where you stand.4. Run you over while trying to park the car.5. drown you when you try to teach her how exactly to swim.6. Just take extreme care whenever walking down steps with her she will constantly trip and you'll ALWAYS fall down with her and in some way You certainly will fall flat in your face and she'll in some way be good.If you will do consistently date this woman do not allow the girl deal with the following; knives, guns, bows, pencils, boiling-water, fire in whatever type, stones, sand, turtles, pipelines, icepacks, ketchup containers, your link, the automobile, NEVER let her play darts, footballs, along with your penis