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meaningless blog site drivel blocking up the significant se's on the net; from term gray goowhen doing an internet browse a particular subject these days, particularly on Bing, it becomes progressively typical to have 70per cent or even more of your serp's from the first couple of pages be web log links, nearly all of which are utterly uselessthis happens because gazillions of web log article writers babble about a gazillion-squared rambling subjects, nearly all of which end up on big web log web pages with hundreds of various other non-sequiter sources to other blogs in big inane mish-mashes of backlinks and buzz wordsother blog authors then link to those web log pages, noting that so-and-so commented on whats-his-name's opinion about joe-blow's appropriate blog on such-and-such a topiclink amplifiers like digg and technorati and gawker only compound the goo and inanitynow, whenever significant search-engine spiders crawl a few of these weblog pages, and blog pages about blog pages, they see most of these links and crosslinks, thus artificially boosting your blog pages to higher google condition, hence crowding down genuine search responsescapiche?a simple fix could be if Bing and various other search engines identified blog pages as unlike regular site content pages, and gave the consumer a choice of seeing search engine results made up of no blog results, all weblog outcomes, or both