What does blogger's disease mean?

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A sub-variant of Unwarranted self-importance (USI) widely seen one of the Internet-going population. Became common once everyone from your own Grandma to your kindergarten instructor realized they could create a blog/Facebook page/YouTube channel in which they might inflict their views on those unfortunate adequate to walk by with zero consequences or financial cost.In days last, the illness ended up being restricted to ranting road preachers, and ended up being tied to facets for instance the price of soap-boxes and copy paper, and generally lower levels of give a shit present in the pre-Internet populationSymptoms consist of:1) assuming that men and women on the Internet as you in addition to things you say, when most are really indifferent at best2) projecting your narrow interests onto those who cannot share all of them, then confusing their annoyed silence for approval3) producing content which focuses mainly on shallow appeals for approval, rather than really informing, challenging or entertaining4) cultivating a small clique of like-minded online goers, which (despite representing a microscopic fraction for the population in general) you then cite as evidence that you're "kind of a huge deal"Treatment includes:1) deleting the offending Facebook/YouTube/blog pages2) re-connecting with actual life family and friends over shared activities3) rediscovering that no one on the web actually cares that much regarding your life, your cat, or that which you had for lunch today (perhaps the people who state they do)