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The act of pushing the right path in to the top couple of responses in a favorite weblog by replying to remarks currently published. Blogdicking is an endeavor to get even more exposure and it is popular by interest whores who can not bear that their particular reviews are not on the first page. Quoted from Myspace Awards Center....This is apparently the present hot question. You notice it progressively: Blog Dicking.The act of weblog Dicking or BD (i simply made that part up), is basically cutting in line when posting a comment giving an answer to a person's web log. Let's imagine there are currently 200 remarks. You could upload like everybody else and stay comment number 201, but you'd be way down on page 5, and that's gonna see you there?So a blog dicker will respond to the very first commenter on the first-page of commentary making sure that EVERYONE is able to see their particular opinion. Generally web log dicking is self promotion on another person's web log. They respond to another person's remark but it features nothing to do with the remark they responded to. Blog dicking just isn't replying to a person's comment, even if it simply is nearby the the top of first remarks, if you really are responding to what they have commented about. But occasionally folks allow it to be seem like they have been depending to somebody's remark when really they are blog dicking with the addition of something such as: Hi come check out my blog it's much better!Bobby Ramone is the very first individual I have you ever heard making use of the term Blog Dicking.