What does blog drama mean?

blog drama meaning in Urban Dictionary

One of the most pathetic, immature shows of stupidity you will stumble across on the web. Often between a couple of bloggers with regards to politics, faith, and a number of various other bland topics. Someone articles something which tends to make someone else angry. See your face retaliates with personal assaults, leading the other person to retaliate. Various other bloggers participate in and upload about the drama. Minions on all sides join ranks and struggle one another to protect their most favorite blogger. Ultimately, no-one wins, because they're all ridiculous losers. It's therefore unfortunate, but on top of that, extremely enjoyable to those of us on the outside who can just shake our minds and call them away for losers they really are. Blog drama will take place even more between bloggers who have satisfied in true to life or at blogmeets whom think they know each other after a couple of hours or several days. This type of person delusional and really should seek help immediately. Blog crisis also takes place between bloggers who've never ever met, but change backlinks and emails. It can also involve their site visitors (aka: Minions) that are sent assaulting during the very first indication of drama. Even more times than not, the "minions" feel a powerful desire to protect their writer, that leads all of them to troll the offending blogs and then leave asinine and disruptive opinions. These people have actually low self-esteem dilemmas and are also often poke their particular noses into other people's business. They ought to seek assistance aswell. I also suggest trying out a hobby. Simple treat: Get a life and step away from the computer system!