What does blog mean?

blog meaning in Marketing Dictionary

A frequent, chronological book of personal thoughts and internet backlinks.

blog meaning in Law Dictionary

website like a journal. Entries are created by people who share a topic in a forum.

blog meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1998, brief for blog (that will be attested from 1994, though maybe not in feeling "online journal"), from (Around The Globe) Web + wood. Joe Bloggs (c.1969) ended up being British slang for "any hypothetical individual" (compare U.S. equivalent Joe Blow); earlier in the day weblog implied "a servant kid" in just one of the college houses (c.1860, see Partridge, which defines this use as a "perversion of bloke"), and, as a verb, "to conquer" in schoolboy slang. The Blogger on line posting service was released in 1999.

blog meaning in Business Dictionary

A website, comparable to an internet journal, that features chronological entries created by individuals. Your message blog site ended up being based on the mixture associated with the term internet and wood. Blogs typically concentrate on a specific subject (economic climate, enjoyment news, etc.) and supply people with forums (or a comment area) to share with you each publishing. Many people utilize blog sites because they would an individual log or journal.

blog meaning in General Dictionary

read, compose, or edit a shared online journal

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  • a shared online log in which individuals can upload journal entries about their particular individual experiences and hobbies

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web log

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blog meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

Short for "weblog," this term relates to a listing of journal entries published on an internet web page. Anyone that knows how to produce and publish an internet web page can publish unique blog site. Some Web hosts have made it even easier by generating an interface in which people can easily form a text entry and hit "publish" to publish their web log. Because of the user friendliness of fabricating a web log, lots of people (often small children and adults) have discovered a existence on the internet. In place of writing private entries in a novel that no-one is supposed to see, folks today can share their particular private thoughts and experiences with lots of people all over the world. Blogs are typically updated day-to-day, monthly, or anywhere in between. "weblog" could also be used as a verb, such as "Wow, Matt sure blogged plenty the other day."

Sentence Examples with the word blog

Their stories circulate around the web and their families make blog posts.

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