What does blocking mean?

blocking meaning in General Dictionary

The work of obstructing promoting shaping or stamping with a block or blocks

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  • the work of obstructing or deflecting someone's motions
  • of Block
  • The work of obstructing, promoting, shaping, or stamping with a block or obstructs.
  • Blocks regularly help (a building, etc.) briefly.

blocking meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1630s, spoken noun from current participle of block (v.). By 1891 in U.S. soccer; by 1961 in movie theater.

blocking meaning in Sports Dictionary

whenever a person gets in the way of a defending player who's in possession of basketball without going for the opportunity to go clear and get away from bodily contact. (recreation: Lacrosse)

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  • An illegal move by a defender to hinder the ballhandler by simply making contact. (sport: Basketball)
  • The act of utilizing your body, supply or leg to divert an oncoming assault. (sport: Aikido)

blocking meaning in Body Language Dictionary

A term used to describe when a person wishes to distance themselves from a distressing stimulus by erecting barriers.  Blocking is a part of the fight or flight response, and takes the form of the flight element because it creates distance between things we wish to avoid.  It includes crossing the arms or legs, turning a shoulder so the body faces away, rebuttoning jackets or pulling a jacket closed, pulling the feet and arms inward, or pointing the feet toward the doorway indicating a desire to leave.

blocking meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Block

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  • (letter.) The work of obstructing, supporting, shaping, or stamping with a block or obstructs.
  • (letter.) Blocks always help (a building, etc.) temporarily.

Sentence Examples with the word blocking

This action, finally blocking the Boer road to the sea, taken by a Liberal government, was clear indication that Great Britain was determined to maintain her supremacy in South Africa.

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