What does blockbuster mean?

blockbuster meaning in Etymology Dictionary

also block-buster, huge bomb (4,000 weight or larger, relating to some resources), 1942, from block (letter.) inside "built-up city square" feeling. Entertainment good sense is attested from 1957. U.S. feeling of "real property agent whom sells a residence to a black family on an all-white area," hence sparking an exodus, is from 1955.

blockbuster meaning in General Dictionary

a big bomb accustomed demolish extensive areas (as a city block)

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  • an unusually effective hit with extensive appeal and huge sales (especially a movie or play or tracking or book)

blockbuster - German to English

blockbuster [coll.]

Sentence Examples with the word blockbuster

The Deans and Fred were torn between discussing Fitzgerald's blockbuster announcement and this conversation, which was becoming more interesting by the minute.

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