What does blockade mean?

blockade meaning in General Dictionary

To shut up as a town or fortress by trading it with soldiers or vessels or war for the intended purpose of preventing ingress or egress and/or introduction of supplies See note under Blockade n

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  • The closing up of someplace by soldiers or boats using the purpose of avoiding ingress or egress or the reception of materials whilst the blockade associated with the ports of an enemy
  • hinder or prevent the progress or achievement of
  • obstruct usage of
  • render improper for passageway
  • impose a blockade on
  • stops access or development
  • a war measure that isolates some section of importance into the enemy
  • The shutting up of a place by soldiers or vessels, with the objective of preventing ingress or egress, and/or reception of products; as, the blockade of the ports of an enemy.
  • An obstruction to passage.
  • To shut up, as a town or fortress, by investing it with troops or vessels or war for the purpose of preventing ingress or egress, and/or introduction of supplies. See note under Blockade, n.
  • For this reason, to shut-in so as to prevent egress.
  • To obstruct entrance to or egress from.

blockade meaning in Law Dictionary

blockade meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-17c., from block (v.) + -ade, untrue French ending (the French term is blocus, 18c. in this good sense, which is apparently in part a back-formation from the verb bloquer and in part impacted by center Dutch blokhuus "blockhouse").

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  • late 17c., from blockade (letter.). Associated: Blockaded; blockading.

blockade meaning in Business Dictionary

real avoidance of motion of goods, individuals, and/or cars to and from a location.

blockade - German to English


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  • blocking
  • block
  • embargo
  • logjam [fig.]

blockade meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) The closing up of a location by troops or ships, using the intent behind stopping ingress or egress, or perhaps the reception of products; as, the blockade of harbors of an enemy.

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  • (v. t.) An obstruction to passage.
  • (n.) Ergo, to shut-in to be able to avoid egress.
  • (letter.) To obstruct entry to or egress from.

Sentence Examples with the word blockade

Amongst other measures taken by Hood may be mentioned the garrisoning of Diamond Rock, which he commissioned as a sloop-of-war to blockade the approaches of Martinique (see James, Naval History, iii.

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