What does bloatware mean?

bloatware meaning in Law Dictionary

software program that takes up way too much space featuring its ineffective additional features. It's badly written.

bloatware meaning in Business Dictionary

computer software with unneeded great features (often badly written) that uses vast amounts of disk space and random accessibility memory.

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bloatware [jargon]

bloatware meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

Bloatware is pc software that utilizes a lot of system resources, such as for example disk area and memory. While bloatware may relate to the initial type of a software program, it oftentimes describes programs that need increasing levels of system resources with every brand-new variation. Its generally considered good development training to develop efficient applications. A well-developed program must not need more RAM or disk room than necessary. However, in some instances a developer may prioritize a particular launch date or brand-new functions over effectiveness. This can bring about a bloated application that uses far more storage space and memory compared to the earlier version. Brand new versions of software programs typically include brand-new functions, which offer an incentive for users to upgrade. However, with every era, this program's system requirements might grow. If remaining unchecked, after a couple of versions, a once efficient application can turn into bloatware. To prevent this, some software developers make an intentional effort to cut unneeded functions whenever incorporating brand new ones. Typical examples of software which may be considered bloatware include Microsoft Windows, Apple iTunes, and Adobe Reader.