What does blitzkrieg mean?

blitzkrieg meaning in General Dictionary

to fight an instant and astonishing war

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  • an overwhelming all out assault with infantry armor and air forces particularly by surprise against an unprepared opponent
  • fight a quick and astonishing war
  • a swift and violent armed forces unpleasant with intensive aerial bombardment

blitzkrieg meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"rapid attack," 1939, from German Blitzkrieg, from Blitz "lightning" (from center tall German blicze, back-formation from bliczen "to flash," from Old High German blecchazzen "to flash, lighten" (8c.), from Proto-Germanic *blikkatjan, from PIE root *bhel- (1) "to shine, flash, burn;" see bleach (v.)) + Krieg "war" (see kriegspiel).

blitzkrieg - German to English


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  • blitz
  • lightning war
  • scholar's spouse [chess]