What does blitz mean?

blitz meaning in General Dictionary

a fast move by defensive people toward the passer on unpleasant team as soon as the baseball is snapped its used once the protective groups assumes that a pass will undoubtedly be attempted and dangers allowing substantial gains by the offensive group if various other performs have been prepared

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  • assault unexpectedly and unexpectedly
  • (United states football) protective people you will need to break through the unpleasant range
  • a swift and violent armed forces unpleasant with intensive aerial bombardment

blitz meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"abrupt daunting assault," 1940, shortening of blitzkrieg (1939). The use in U.S. football is from 1959. As a verb, 1940, from the noun. Related: Blitzed; blitzing.

blitz meaning in Sports Dictionary

Defensive strategy which people (except that linemen) are assigned particularly to attack the quarterback. (recreation: US soccer)

blitz - German to English

(optical) flash

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  • bolt of lightning
  • bolt [thunderbolt]
  • flashing
  • flash
  • levin [archaic]
  • lightning flash
  • lightning
  • thunderbolt
  • strike
  • thunderbolt
  • flash [also fig.]