What does blissful mean?

blissful meaning in General Dictionary

Full of described as or causing joy and felicity happy in the highest degree

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  • completely happy and contented
  • high in, described as, or causing, delight and felicity; pleased within the greatest level.

blissful meaning in Urban Dictionary

full of, abounding in, taking pleasure in, or conferring bliss.completely delighted and contented;

blissful meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 12c., blisfulle, from bliss + -ful. Associated: Blissfully; blissfulness.

blissful meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) saturated in, characterized by, or causing, pleasure and felicity; happy within the highest level.

Sentence Examples with the word blissful

After the sufferings he had been enduring, Prince Andrew enjoyed a blissful feeling such as he had not experienced for a long time.

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