What does blintz mean?

blintz meaning in General Dictionary

a thin grain pancake folded around a filling eg mozzarella cheese or good fresh fruit and sauteed deep-fried or baked

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  • (Judaism) thin pancake folded around a filling and fried or baked

blintz meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1903, from Yiddish blintze, from Russian blinyets, diminutive of blin "pancake," from Old Russian blinu.

blintz meaning in Cooking Dictionary

A Jewish pancake, crammed making with egg batter. The slim pancake are rolled around a number of fillings including soft cheeses, good fresh fruit or beef mixtures.

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  • A stuffed crepe or thin pancake. The stuffing is normally manufactured from a fresh cheese or cottage mozzarella cheese, and sometimes topped with fresh fruit or fresh fruit preserves.