What does blindly mean?

blindly meaning in General Dictionary

Without sight discernment or understanding without thought investigation knowledge or intent behind ones own

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  • without witnessing or searching
  • without planning or reflection; without a rational basis
  • Without sight, discernment, or comprehension; without thought, research, knowledge, or purpose of a person's own.

blindly meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English blindlice; see blind (adj.) + -ly (2).

blindly meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) Without picture, discernment, or understanding; without idea, examination, knowledge, or reason for one's very own.

Sentence Examples with the word blindly

Their part henceforth was to vote blindly with the Conservative groups, in a common fear of the Social Democracy, or to indulge in protests, futile because backed by no power inside or outside the parliament; their impotence was equally revealed when in December 1902 they voted with the Agrarians for the tariff, and in May 1909 when they withdrew in dudgeon from the new tariff committee, and allowed the reactionary elements a free hand.

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