What does blind loyalty mean?

blind loyalty meaning in Urban Dictionary

Blind commitment involves being loyal to a person or cause regardless of the damage the individual or cause does to himself or by herself or others. Excusing bad behaviour in title of protecting allegiance to another appears honourable at first, it is fundamentally dangerous as silence is a type of collusion. Many individuals feel torn between retaining commitment to a reason or team and risking getting rejected or ostracisim or private attack by outing misconduct. Blind commitment involves a form of cognitive dissonance where someone views proof of difficulty or bad behavior then converts a blind attention to your truth towards maintaining an optimistic picture of the individual or cause. Once you understand inside gut that something is wrong, yet acting as if all things are good. The classic instance is a battered lady just who protects her lover whenever police get to reply to a domestic violence call. Consider priests addressing for sexual misuse among all of their colleagues, mothers denying incest in favour of safeguarding their husbands, and educators turning a blind eye to abusive conduct by their particular peers to comprehend that "Loyalty is only a virtue if person or cause is good".