What does blimp mean?

blimp meaning in General Dictionary

any elderly pompous reactionary

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  • any senior pompous reactionary ultranationalistic individual (following the cartoon character developed by Sir David Low)
  • a small nonrigid airship useful for observance or as a barrage balloon

blimp meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1916, of obscure beginning, many claimants. "One of the strange coinages regarding the airmen" [Weekley]. Typical theory is the fact that it is from designers' model nickname Type B-limp, in sense of "without interior framework," instead of kind A-rigid; hence see limp (adj.).

blimp - German to English

blimp [coll.] [non-rigid airship]

Sentence Examples with the word blimp

The heightened anticipation sunk like an iron blimp when the first trunk was opened.

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