What does blepharoplasty mean?

blepharoplasty meaning in Urban Dictionary

particular eyelid surgery to produce a "double eyelid" or fold over the eyelid. More common for asian produced with no all-natural fold, to not ever look caucasion (sp?) but in order to make eyes appear less "droopy" therefore makeup products is a lot easier to apply.

blepharoplasty meaning in Medical Dictionary

Plastic surgery from the eyelids. Blepharoplasty could be done to correct ptosis (drooping eyelids), remove fatty bulges across the eyes, and eradicate holding skin through the eyelids, quite often a cosmetic procedure to boost look but could be clinically required as once the sagging is blocking the field of eyesight.

blepharoplasty meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1839, from blepharo-, comb. kind of Greek blepharon "eyelid" (about blepein "to appear, see") + -plasty.

blepharoplasty meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The fix of an eyelid through surgery.

blepharoplasty meaning in Body Language Dictionary

A very preferred surgery for Asian women would be to create the double eyelid. Asian folks are lacking the fold or eyelid crease therefore their particular eyes are narrowed and oval in appearance.  The surgery adds an additional fold or crease into the eyelid from an eyelid without a crease, making a rounder westernized attention.  It's proof of essential big eyes have been in regards to producing attractiveness and neoteny.