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Long before the playstation emulator of the same name, this word had been coined by an associate of our team to mention towards condition of being intoxicated by the esteemed hallucinogen LSD-25 or other comparable hallucinogens such as for example psilocibin mushrooms.It was humorously uttered as an information of their condition while becoming under the influence of this effective hallucinogen, as well as for some explanation everyone provide which heard it found it uproariously amusing and well worth repeating.not yes what, if any, this has to do with the origin of title regarding the playstation emulator because of the same title; our usage goes back toward belated 1980's when you look at the north side area of Rogers Park, Chicago.synonyms at tripping bleeming bleemin, see additionally acidhead, acid, as well as shrooming Another word for blunt; (bleem), adj.; bleemed, bleeming. LL. bleemibilis to fully destroy; to put complete waste; to destroy or spoil in an epic fashion; to-be entirely broken; to slay or destroy in a destructive fashion; to easily beat an opponent; to render inadequate with little to no effort;-bleemable a. That which can be bleemed;-bleemer letter. A person who or what bleems; specif., Bloomish the Bleemer a fictional character who would often destroy their opponents easily. smallest amount of dope capable of becoming changed to a spliff.A bleem is less than you would like to placed into it, but when times are hard along with almost no remaining, a bleem is what you'll often make use of, or lend to a buddy who was out-of dope and requesting some.