What does blazer mean?

blazer meaning in General Dictionary

something that blazes or glows much like heat or flame

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  • a person who spreads reports or blazes issues overseas
  • lightweight single-breasted coat; usually striped in the colors of a club or college
  • one that develops reports or blazes issues abroad.

blazer meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"bright-colored coat," 1880, British institution slang, from blaze (n.1), in mention of the the purple flannel coats donned by the woman Margaret, St. John College, Cambridge, boating club. Early in the day it turned out found in United states English within the sense "something that draws attention" (1845).

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blazer meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A person who develops reports or blazes things overseas.

Sentence Examples with the word blazer

Whoever the guy in the Blazer was, he gave Edith the look-see when he drove past Bird Song.

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