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could be be a guy or woman; the kind of person who could make you laugh your butt down, usually performing one thing comedic... GOOD HUNTING, once you cant see them being surrounded by groups of folks in rips of laughter, its usually because they're "busy" knowing the things I mean..... beware these creatures are funny, charming, fascinating, and fucking sexy!!!!!! unfortunately they can be persistent assholes when they dont manage to get thier means. Probably the most adorable, sweetest and amazing man. He is exceptionally charming and exceedingly good looking. Totally the coolest individual you can expect to fulfill... so cool which he's really hot:)But honestly speaking, he is just....... sometimes i drop my terms because I cannot precisely show how much he methods to me personally. He is discovered my heart, unearthed it when it ended up being profoundly hidden. He is the very best, solitary most amazing person to come right into my life. I would personally do anything and everything for him.The just man that makes me personally smile. without him, quirky Quayla would-be smileless, laughless and loveless. Breathtaking heart - I cannot emphasis that enough. He's just special.