What does blank endorsement mean?

blank endorsement meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. endorsement of a check or other negotiable report without naming anyone to whom it will be paid.

blank endorsement meaning in Law Dictionary

n endorsement that doesn't state who the favor will be designed to rendering it a negotiable instrument. Any owner is the owner of it as well as the residential property. AKA endorsement in blank.

blank endorsement meaning in Business Dictionary

Open recommendation that holds just the trademark associated with endorser and does not specify in whose favor its made (who's the newest endorsee), therefore transforming a document of subject (including a 'to purchase' bill of lading) into a negotiable (bearer or transferable) tool. Any holder (bearer) of a blank-endorsed document features claim to ownership regarding the merchandise or home this is the subject-matter associated with document. Blank-endorsed plans, for example, can be utilized by any celebration to help make a claim. Also called recommendation in empty.

blank endorsement meaning in General Dictionary

an endorsement on commercial paper naming no payee so payable to the bearer