What does blaga mean?

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A word regularly describe the expanse of nothingness or even to invoke a humerous reaction from those current. The term cannot, however, be properly used in any given situation, while the framework of term considerably varies, with regards to the scenario it self; the meaning isn't loose, but extremely strict.Blaga is not becoming mistaken for CATAMARAN, which basically keeps equivalent meaning, with the exception of the simple fact that its only noun, wheras blaga could be a noun, verb, adverb, or adjective interchangebly. Newcomers to either terms should always be careful when utilizing all of them in a discussion, if used anyway.Blaga is usually used as internet slang, and not suitable for general conversation (Catamaran, but is fairly appropriate for all types of conversation). Blaga may also be used as a random term printed in the type of graffiti.Anyone without a company understanding for the word cannot attempt its use. Part impacts for ametuers can include: emotions of regret, inadequacy, downtroddenism, being known as a "receptical" by more capable people.(Note: recepticle is a totally different word then receptacle, and not within any dictionary.)The word is made by some one known as Black_Dremora.