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A blackpacker is an impressionable black colored metal lover (see black emtal) which moves from abroad to Norway in order to spend time in places in which famous black colored material musicians spend time also simply to be horrified to see that the black steel musisicans under consideration a. try not to actually still-burn churches b. cannot just hear black colored metal c. never carry any medaeval weapons d. try not to wear corpse paint once they go out for drinkse. don't part into one tribe that worships Varg Vikernes and another that worships Euronymousf. are not invariably blond and blue-eyed however with black colored hair-dyeg. think Varg Vikernes is a sefl-sufficient wankerh. are in fact pretty regular people who have typical tasks who do perhaps not go around killing goats for satan or worship at Odin's altari. are told to bang down to get a life.Blackpackers come from all around the globe but they are generally United states, Canadian, Italian, French and German.Blackpackers are a nuissance in Oslo and Bergen's bars, fortunately these are generally a dying type as many associated with the locations where black colored metallers head to (eg. Just what exactly, Helvete, M.A.R.S) try not to exist anymore (most likely because of them). a black colored backpacker.