What does black-anointed mean?

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the alteration in mindset presented by any person in the african-american neighborhood which switches from becoming a normal individual becoming a brilliant Obama liberal.Symtoms-1.) Because the 2008 election, abruptly functions like becoming "BLACK" means they've been superior to other individuals.2.) Flips out when anybody claims any such thing about how Obama is working things.3.) Feels that Obama may be the manifestation of Jesus arrive at give them their particular heavenly benefits for suffering they've personaly endured at the hands of the "white devils."4.) Belives that task of all of the "Ebony" individuals is always to subjegate "WHITE" individuals into the same state of submision because their forefathers endured as slaves.5.) Should recieve financial compensation from men and women residing to day to recompence for the loss in earnings by enslaved forefathers hundreds of years ago.6.) Thinks that "wellfair" is part of that entitlement and may be a "right."7.) Beats individuals verbaly over the mind about their particular "RIGHTS" when things don't go their way or aren't getting what they want.8.) begin to use terms and lables like "RACIST" or "DISCRIMINATION" or "civil rights breach" as a weapon to silence other individuals of differing opinion.9.) Thinks they are masters regarding the existing governmental environment but expose they have been ignorant of this reality of events in federal government once they start their lips and talk.(Also are ofter painfuly ignorant of exactly what "civil rights" are or just what affirmative-action is or does to businesses.10.) Totaly purchases current administrations promises they are likely to fix everything, hook, rest, and stinker.