What does black sheep mean?

black sheep meaning in Etymology Dictionary

by 1822 in figurative sense of "member of some team guilty of offensive conduct and unlike the other users," supposedly because a proper black colored sheep had wool that could not be dyed and was hence really worth less. But one black colored sheep in a flock was considered all the best by shepherds in Sussex, Somerset, Kent, Derbyshire. Baa Baa Ebony Sheep nursery rhyme's first-known publication is in "Tommy Thumb's Pretty song-book" (c.1744).

black sheep meaning in General Dictionary

a careless and unprincipled reprobate

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  • sheep with a black coat

black sheep - German to English

Black Sheep [Jonathan King]

Sentence Examples with the word black sheep

The only brother not to declare outright war on him, Kiki was a distant second to Andre in his tepid support of their black sheep of a young brother.

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