What does black market mean?

black market meaning in General Dictionary

distributed or sold illicitly

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  • the illicit investing of products in infraction of price settings rationing taxation guidelines prohibition of purchase an such like
  • those who take part in illicit trade
  • offer in illegally, such hands or liquor
  • an unlawful market by which goods or currencies are purchased and sold in breach of rationing or settings

black market meaning in Law Dictionary

n illegal marketplace when consumer products are not easy to find and taxed highly. Costs are often greater than managed costs or reduced as a result of income tax evasion. Black markets have black colored cash.

black market meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1931, from black colored + market.

black market meaning in Business Dictionary

Illegal free marketplace which flourishes in economies in which consumer items are scarce or are greatly taxed. In the 1st sort, black market costs are more than the 'official' or controlled costs. Within the second kind, prices are less than the 'legitimate' or taxed prices, due to taxation evasion. Black market and black money go in conjunction.