What does black liquor tax credit mean?

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income tax credit that's arranged to promote bio gasoline nonetheless it did not work. Black liquor is used as a bio fuel and it is the result of making pulp. Beginning in 2005 the federal government gave a tax credit for using a variety of both bio and fossil gasoline. This caused le

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A federal tax credit that was intended to promote the utilization of bio fuel but had the exact opposite result. Black liquor, a byproduct of making timber pulp, has long been utilized in the forest products business as a bio gas. In 2005, the us government began offering tax credits to businesses which used mixtures of bio fuel and fossil fuels. Some organizations in woodland products industry began incorporating diesel gasoline to black liquor to make use of the taxation credits. The companies had been abiding because of the page of law, however they were utilizing less bio gas, no more.