What does black eye affair mean?

black eye affair meaning in Urban Dictionary

a black eye event is what takes place when at the very least two people drink far sufficient past reasonable to mutually determine it will be bitchin' cool to offer one another black colored eyes. This will be usually done-by hitting each other when you look at the face. Over Repeatedly. After every one of the shiner is never immediate so you mustn't have inked it right. Sometimes a 3rd party is needed to strike you when certainly one of you is really drunk that punches be seemingly making contusions to my forehead in place of my eye. Ummm. I am talking about the foreheads of these involved. The bartender will ordinarily laugh and just take photos on their mobile phone to demonstrate their child the results of an excessive amount of whiskey... but plenty of other folks choose its a great time to go home. Be ready for plenty of very initial Fight Club jokes and queries on exactly what the fuck is incorrect to you the following day at the office. A frozen can of beer is very helpful the next day too. Screw you Jameson.