What does black envy mean?

black envy meaning in Urban Dictionary

a psychological condition that results in a Caucasian individual acting, speaking, or elsewhere trying to appear African United states under what will be described as "ghetto" or "inner town" or "urban".Symptoms: using words like "dawg", "n*gger", "word", "peace out"; wearing their particular pants too low with regards to their waist/showing their particular boxers or underwear; putting on du rags; pertaining occasions that eventually all of them on whether or not that will occur to a black colored person...Note: not absolutely all Caucasian individuals acting in this way suffer from black envy. Those who find themselves suffering from it come from predominantly white, middle- to upper-class suburban neighborhoods.The "opposite" of black colored envy is white jealousy where an African American which was raised in a "ghetto" or "inner city" way of life denies in which they come from and tries to pass on their own off due to the fact stereotypical white suburbanite.