What does black aggie mean?

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she actually is a statue in a grave yard in Maryland that seems like a angle crying . they say that in the event that you sleep-in her hands during the night she's going to come to life and crush you. in the event that you explore the woman eyes at night they state you are therefore afraid that you'll die. And if a women that is carrying a child and she passes tossed the lady shadow the infant is a not going to live. into the 70's a frat utilized the woman as some thing the pledges had to do before they are able to join the frat.well one awful night the two frontrunners wandered the pledge off to the statue. while they had been walking straight back they heard some thing.....they turned around and saw black colored Aggie turn on and break poor people boy. today Aggie is locked up in a safe so no body else has to perish the same way that bad guy did.