What does bitter end mean?

bitter end meaning in Urban Dictionary

The worst. The lowest associated with the low.

bitter end meaning in Etymology Dictionary

In lexicons of sea language returning to 1759, the bitter-end may be the part of a cable which is round about the bits (two great timbers regularly belay cables) as soon as the ship reaches anchor. Bitter-end of this Cable, the finish which will be wound concerning the Bitts. ["The News-Readers Pocket-Book: Or, a Military Dictionary," London, 1759] See bit (n.1). So, whenever a cable is played out to the bitter-end, there is absolutely no more remaining to try out. The term began to be utilized c.1835 in non-nautical use with likely impact of bitter (adj.).

bitter end meaning in General Dictionary

(nautical) the inboard end of a line or cable especially the end which wound around a bitt

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  • the final extremity (nevertheless unpleasant it may be)