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(German)1. German term for "ask".2. Can also be used as "please", like into the sentence: "eine Currywurst, bitte" (= "a curried sausage please").3. "Bitte" normally utilized by a waiter or someone supplying a site to entice the client's attention. We might translate it by "Can I help you?".4.You would additionally state "bitte" when handing things up to a person. Inside framework it could indicate "Here you're". You'll anticipate the individual to that you were handing over the item to react by saying "danke" (see below).5. "Bitte" can also be utilized as an answer to "danke", which is the German equivalent of "thanks a lot" or "many thanks". "Bitte" then indicates "You're welcome!" or "do not mention it!". This acknowledgement of thanks a lot isn't merely a matter of politeness - it can be impolite never to follow a "danke" with a "bitte", since to a German presenter you'll seem to be declining their thanks."Danke" is generally accompanied by either "schön" or "sehr". In that case, then the "bitte" reaction is going to be similarly customized. These table listens the design of answers: the german term thankyou. employed by us to produce fun of the germans.in school the instructor is calling the roll. jack- bitte chris - bitte