What does biting the saddle mean?

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biting the seat takes style-cramping to a completely brand new degree.to bite the saddle is imitate your friend's flavor in every little thing: clothes, songs, people in the contrary intercourse,leisure activities,general philosophy of life, accessories, even going in terms of to look at their pal's language and inside jokes with others and regurgitate all of them as their very own.Saddle biters become so engaged in making themselves inside their buddy's image they cannot realize what they are doing, even while insisting that is what they truly are into and it's really a completely initial item of their own imagination.Innocent bystanders could be deceived because of the seat biter and believe this individual does indeed have actually a personality, on the basis of the outward appearance for the individual biting the seat, therefore the social references and name-dropping that he/she engages in to gain access to a social group. However in the event that saddle biter was ever before pressed it can become abundantly clear that he or she has actually only shallow understanding of everything cool which was gleaned through the originator regarding the style.