What does bitchy mean?

bitchy meaning in General Dictionary

marked by or due to malice

bitchy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1925, U.S. slang, "intimately provocative;" later (1930s) "spiteful, catty, bad-tempered" (usually of females); from bitch + -y (2). Earlier in mention of male puppies though to appear less harsh or coarse than normal. Mr. Ramsay states we'd today phone the old puppies "bitchy" in face. That's as the Englishmen went set for the wrong sort of forefaces in their dogs, you start with the occasions whenever Meersbrook Bristles and his type swept the judges off their particular legs and whiskers and an exaggerated face had been called for various other varieties of terriers form wire haired fox. [James Watson, "Canine Book," New York, 1906] Relevant: Bitchily; bitchiness.

Sentence Examples with the word bitchy

While it was a long shot that the bitchy deputy could be any help, Dean was frustrated enough with the other available avenues to bite his tongue and ask for help.

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