What does bitch mean?

bitch meaning in General Dictionary

to whine in a whining or grumbling way to gripe

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  • the feminine of canine kind by canine wolf and fox
  • complain
  • a distressing trouble
  • say mean things
  • a person (usually however fundamentally a woman) that is carefully disliked
  • informal terms for objecting
  • female of every member of canine family
  • The female associated with the canine sort, at the time of your dog, wolf, and fox.
  • An opprobrious name for a female, particularly a lewd woman.

bitch meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English bicce "female dog," probably from Old Norse bikkjuna "female regarding the puppy" (in addition fox, wolf, and periodically various other beasts), that is of as yet not known source. Grimm derives the Old Norse term from Lapp pittja, but OED notes that "the converse is similarly possible." As a term of contempt placed on females, it dates from c.1400; of a man, c.1500, playfully, when you look at the feeling of "dog." Used among male homosexuals from 1930s. In modern (1990s, originally black English) slang, its usage with reference to a person is sexually contemptuous, from the "woman" insult.BITCH. A she puppy, or doggess; the absolute most offensive appellation that may be fond of an English woman, more provoking than that of whore. ["Dictionary associated with the Vulgar Tongue," 1811] Bitch goddess coined 1906 by William James; the first one had been success.

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  • "to complain," attested about from 1930, perhaps from feeling in bitchy, maybe affected by the verb meaning "to bungle, spoil," which can be recorded from 1823. But bitched inside good sense generally seems to echo Middle English bicched "cursed, bad," an over-all term of opprobrium (such as Chaucer's bicched bones "unlucky dice"), which despite the hesitation of OED, appears to be a derivative of bitch (n.).

bitch meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

a lady puppy that includes perhaps not already been spayed.

bitch meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The feminine of canine sort, by your dog, wolf, and fox.

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  • (n.) An opprobrious name for a woman, especially a lewd girl.

Sentence Examples with the word bitch

Dean figured, This bitch isn't going to let go of these newly discovered century-old coins without a hell of a fight.

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