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ive tested most of the primary ones around, which Bittorrent client program is the greatest one by far.If you do not know very well what bittorrent is, heres from my post about this:Gary Fung, creator of isoHunt internet site composed, "Legally, BitTorrent requires simultaneous upload to be able to install. So the idea of "file sharer" on BitTorrent is blurred. Theoretically, most people are a sharer, it really is a necessity to be able to grab. So its openness is an unintentional strength. No anonymizing system is completely crack-proof anyways, just like DRM, so poor privacy isn't a lot of a weakness. Power in figures, and protection by obscurity."Unlike the other folks have said, because bittorrent involves the revealing between every bittorrent individual, this technique is much more safe because there are not any primary uploaders who'll be targeted. If the RIAA or MPAA would sue one, it might need to be at total arbitrary. Like Gary Fung stated up there, we have ,"strength in figures, and protection by obscurity.