What does birthplace mean?

birthplace meaning in General Dictionary

the city city or nation in which one is produced host to beginning or beginning in its even more general feeling

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  • where one thing began or was nurtured with its early presence
  • the place where some one was born
  • the city, city, or nation, where an individual is born; host to origin or birth, with its even more general feeling.

birthplace meaning in Etymology Dictionary

additionally birth-place, c.1600, from birth (letter.) + destination (n.).

birthplace meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The town, town, or country, in which one is created; place of origin or beginning, in its even more general good sense.

Sentence Examples with the word birthplace

The Cretans themselves claimed for their island to be the birthplace of Zeus, as well as the parent of all the other divinities usually worshipped in Greece as the Olympian deities.

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