What does biretta mean?

biretta meaning in General Dictionary

identical to Berretta

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  • a stiff limit with ridges over the top; donned by Roman Catholic clergy
  • Identical To Berretta.

biretta meaning in Etymology Dictionary

square cap worn by Catholic clergy, 1590s, from Italian beretta, from Late Latin birrus, birrum "large cloak with hood;" perhaps of Gaulish origin, or from Greek pyrros "flame-colored, yellow."

biretta meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Same as Berretta.

Sentence Examples with the word biretta

Braun (Liturgische Gewandung, p. 513) thinks that the symbolism of the cross may have had some influence in fixing and propagating the square shape, and he quotes a decree of the synod of Aix (1585) ordering the J g h clergy to wear a biretta sewn in the form of a cross (biretum in modum crucis consuturn, ut ecclesiasticos homines decet).

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