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Dutch for wedgy... Bir is formed by the very first letters regarding the condition "Broek In Reet", meaning "jeans in Ass"... Abbreviation of this phrase "Bitching in number." To talk negatively of a particular person/persons, when said party may be present within a distance effective at reading such accusations. This often results in an embarrassing silence, and a brief wave of extreme guilt.Adopted by a clan known as 'The Cider-Riders' , the expression has spread to popular use because of the students of KEGs, which will be a college in a town somewhere near Coventry.'Remember to check always for BIR prior to bitching.' a Dutch Temptress of Napster Origin Quick for Bad Internet Rappers. Really someone who regularly posts covers of popular rap songs and uses an old Xbox mic to capture all of them. They've been mostly white and think they have been black colored and claim they are the new design of rap and therefore are the underground.