What does bipolar mean?

bipolar meaning in General Dictionary

Doubly polar having two poles as a bipolar cellular or corpuscle

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  • of, pertaining to, or happening in both polar regions
  • of or regarding manic depressive infection
  • having two poles
  • Doubly polar; having two poles; because, a bipolar cell or corpuscle.

bipolar meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"having two poles," from bi- + polar; 1810 with figurative feeling of "of double aspect;" 1859 with regards to physiology. Psychiatric use within reference to exactly what was in fact known as manic-depressive psychosis is believed to have started 1957 with German doctor Karl Leonhard. The expression became popular very early 1990s. Manic depression was in DSM III (1980).

bipolar meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Having two different ends.

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  • double-pole [attr.]

bipolar meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Doubly polar; having two poles; because, a bipolar mobile or corpuscle.

Sentence Examples with the word bipolar

As division proceeds, the filamentous nature of this cytoplasm becomes more prominent and the threads begin either to converge towards the poles of the nucleus, to form a bipolar spindle, or may converge towards, or radiate from, several different points, to form a multipolar spindle.

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