What does biplane mean?

biplane meaning in General Dictionary

Having or composed of two superposed planes aeumlrocurves or perhaps the want of or with respect to a biplane as a biplane rudder

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  • An aeumlroplane with two main supporting surfaces one over the other
  • traditional plane; features two wings one above the other

biplane meaning in Etymology Dictionary

aircraft with two complete wings, one over the other, 1874, as a theoretical thought; very first attested 1908 in reference to the genuine article; from bi- + jet (n.1). So-called from two "planes" for the double wings.

Sentence Examples with the word biplane

About a year later Henry Farman made several short flights on a machine of the biplane type, consisting of two main supporting surfaces one above the other, with a box-shaped vertical rudder behind and two small balancing aeroplanes in front.

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