What does bipartisan crossfire mean?

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pronounced: "by-par-tih-sin cross-fyr"(term)Bipartisan crossfire may be the attack got directly and ultimately by both edges of a two-party governmental system. In the heat of opposing sides, those recognized as the "center" or "middle" of this governmental range tend to be criticized for perhaps not fully embellishing every one of the motives of either celebration. The centrist ridicules the extremists on both edges, such Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore*, but in addition generally will follow the open-minded on both edges. These far-lefties/righties are those that instill the bipartisan crossfire originally.Lastly, bipartisan crossfire is socially dangerous. In a world ruled by resistance, the very last thing we need is silence the open-minded: they're usually those whom stop us from trying to annihilate each other.*According to your teen-shaping television program "Family Guy," these two are identical person. Oh, and Nazis support McCain/Palin '08. Because nationwide Socialism and conservatism get together. Look it.