What does bioremediation mean?

bioremediation meaning in General Dictionary

the part of biotechnology that uses biological procedures to conquer ecological problems

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  • the part of biotechnology that uses biological procedure to conquer environmental issues
  • the work of managing waste or pollutants by way of microorganisms (as micro-organisms) that will digest the undesirable substances

bioremediation meaning in Law Dictionary

decreasing the pollutants in soil or water. Microorganisms are accustomed to do that by bioaugmentation. These are generally introduced as a liquid that may lead them to grow. Relate to phytotreatment.

bioremediation meaning in Business Dictionary

Degradation (scavenging) of organic contaminants (such as chemical substances, hefty metals, oil) in earth or liquid, by the action of cultured microorganisms selected for their capacity to metabolize the precise contaminants. In an activity called bioaugmentation, these microorganisms tend to be introduced to the polluted environment frequently as a liquid, with an effective nutrient blend to stimulate and foster their development. See additionally phytotreatment.

bioremediation meaning in Insurance Dictionary

usage of residing organisms to wash up oil spills or pull other pollutants from earth, liquid, or wastewater.

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