What does biologically programmed mean?

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Biologically programmed- (men)A blanket term meant to absolve guys of most responsibility if you are sexually reckless, pussy-obsessed sleazeballs. Finding justification when you look at the undeniable fact that since men without a doubt are programmed to impregnate as numerous women possible, it offers all of them free permit to lie/manipulate/hoodwink/hornswoggle as many females as you are able to into believing that they are often real folks or genuinely desirable up to the time whenever girl (whom, believe me, is seeking a reason to have the woman pussy stretched anyways) eventually states 'oh exactly what the hell' and fucks him. This includes pretending becoming a nice guy, lying about having a girlfriend, or feigning interest in the girl as someone until she lets her feeble "she-guard" down and starts the flood gates to the woman vagina.