What does biographer mean?

biographer meaning in General Dictionary

one that writes a merchant account or history of the life span of a particular person a writer of lives as Plutarch

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  • an individual who writes an account of an individual's life
  • person who writes an account or reputation for living of a man or woman; a writer of life, as Plutarch.

biographer meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1715; see biography + -er (1). Earlier in the day was biographist (1660s). Of every great and eminent personality, component breaks forth into general public view, and part lies hid in domestic privacy. Those qualities that have been exerted in almost any known and lasting shows may, at any distance period, be traced and predicted; but quiet excellencies are quickly forgotten; and those minute peculiarities which discriminate every man from others, if are not recorded by those who private knowledge allowed to see or watch all of them, tend to be irrecoverably lost. [Johnson, "lifetime of Sir Thomas Browne," 1756]

biographer meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) One that writes an account or history of living of somebody; a writer of everyday lives, as Plutarch.

Sentence Examples with the word biographer

The new cemetery (opened in 1828) contains the graves of Arthur Schopenhauer and Feuerbach, of Passavant the biographer of Raphael, Ballenberger the artist, Hessemer the architect, SOmmerring, and Johann Friedrich Bohmer the historian.

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